typical kitchen layout


incorporating the main elements of a typical kitchen layout, this kitchen brings all necessities to two users in a minimal way. 

the sink, oven and range are centered between two small refrigerators, and a slide out entertaining space. divided and interchangeable, each user has ample separate storage. 

implementing sustainability:

an overhanging herb garden brings a sense of community to the space. 

the kitchen invites echo friendly cooking with a working space for chopping, with two separate boards that easily slide in and out beside compost bins where one can collect droppings as they chop and slice.

implementing technology:

filled with solutions for your technology use. end to end are centered charging station where one can place their device to charge and stand as they cook. beside the range are two rests where one can leave their ipad or phone protected as they cook, as well as a diy tablot stand addition you can easily move with you as you cook. 


Incorporating  two users in one kitchen. Inspired by the concept of roommates, this space incorporates the three main elements of typical kitchen layout, evenly divided for two. Generation Y user will stay intune with electronic devices throughout the space and a herb garden canopy’s over the space, keeping a sustainable mindset along with DIY projects incorpated throughout. 



in collaboration with boffi

maha abdel shafi. kristina prybula. debby febriana putri. abrajiita sabharwal.

project leader. samuel n. bernier

course leader. francesca vargiu

tutor. elena pefani 

2014. milan, it