Old Navy


’70s Revival Fashion Event
The themed fashion event took place during New York fashion week at the Bowery Hotel. The objective was to build fashion credibility and excitement around Old Navy’s Spring Collection ‘70s revival story by engaging editors with in season product and increasing social press.


Strands of white Easter Lilies and colorful Gerber Daisies create a beautifully delicate backdrop for the entry moment. 

The Bowery Hotel space provided a central location and retro backdrop. The space was layered with raw natural materials, eclectic vintage furnishings, vibrant spring colors, and floral elements inspired by Old Navy’s ‘70s Revival Spring Collection.


The floor plan allows for a radial motion of activities that tell the ‘7os revival story. The catered morning event allowed editors to drop in before visiting the runway show.


Guests were invited to create their own wild-flower bouquet from a carefully crafted floral installation.


Dry Bar stylists were on hand to create ‘70s inspired hairstyles. A custom installation of suspended mirrors, mix of ‘70s style seating, and vintage bar carts provided a work station for stylists. 


Inside a secluded teepee, guests could experience a private tarot card reading.


In collaboration with MKG.

Art Direction. Kristina Prybula

Photograohy. Rodger Kisby Photography

2016. New York, NY




Wellbeing Beauty Workshop Store
The multisensory Philosophy brand inspires everyone to look and feel their best through creating a tactile experience within skincare, bath body, and fragrance. Designed for the experiential buyer, the concept store approaches storytelling based on discovery and a conscious approach to natural beauty.




The apartment like intimate setting, creates a spiritual room where customers can experience a product through action.


The space is filled with moments of inspiration and discovery.


The space is filled with moments of inspiration and discovery.


Objects and materials tell the story of Arizona roots and science led natural ingredients.


In collaboration with Philosophy Design Team. 

Photography. Emanuel Hahn Photography. 

2017. New York, NY


Le Box Concept


Objects Are Used to Build Up Our Own Intimacy

Designed for 2015 Modern Nomads traveling to the World Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy.  It is estimated that 20 million travelers attended the event from around the world.

Ancient nomads were a community of people who used mobility as the most efficient strategy for exploiting scarce resources. A modern nomad explores what makes life exciting, meaningful and authentic. 

Ancient nomads were a community of people who used mobility as the most efficient strategy for exploiting scarce resources. A modern nomad is someone who explores what makes life exciting, meaningful and authentic. 


Data shows that a majority of  modern nomads will be traveling to the world expo by car.


Your vehicle is your personal space. 

It is a place for memories. Your trip is about the Journey.

It is a place for memories. Your trip is about the Journey.


Your trip is about the Journey.


Your backseat journey.


Le Box will make your journey feel like home.


Store all your nomadic needs.

The hat you always take with you when you travel.

Your trip journal, camera, spare clothes, sandwich... and your memories.


Domus Academy collaborative project.

Project Assistant. Laura Galluzzo

Project Advisor. Fancesca Vagari  I  Tutor. Eleni Pefani

2014. Milan, IT


Under New Management


Detroit Art Installation
The dismantled state of the building has become an ordinary sight of everyday life in the Detroit Hamtramack area. An abandoned dollar store serves as a space for exhibition, bringing life to the community. The sculpture speaks to its surroundings. The Hamtramack neighbourhood has a rich history and unique diverse culture. Immigrants populated the area when the Dodge brothers automotive plant opened in 1914, making it Michigan’s most internationally diverse city.


The ephemeral sculpture is made from automotive droppings found throughout the city;  recycled car materials, drafting paper, aluminum and foam.


2013. Detroit, MI


Dinning By Design



Dimensional Dinning Experience
DIFFA (Design Industries Fight Aids) raises and grants funds to organizations that fight HIV/ AIDS. 

Dinning by design brings together internationally celebrated designers and local talent to create dimensional dinning installations that awe, inspire, and set the stage for fundraising. In conjunction with Architectural Digest Home, the event takes place in various major cities across America.




In collaboration with College for Creative Studies Alumni.

2010 +2011. Detroit, MI




Retail Visual Display
The themed Anthropologie is a lifestyle brand that imparts a sense of beauty, optimism and discovery. Buyers and designers travel the world to uncover special products and to collaborate with special artisans. Products display an appreciation for artfulness and good design, including clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty, home furnishings, found objects, gifts and decor that exhibit influences vintage and global.


Home inspired new floor sets were installed at six month intervals to set the overall tone of the store.


.The Autumn Window Display was build from experimenting with jute, wool, dyes and layering techniques to create cocoon like forms.


In collaboration with Anthropologie Visual Display Team.

2011. Detroit, MI


Parker Hannefin


Winning RFP Exhibit Program
The Worked to develop a design language unique to the Parker Hannefin brand to be implemented and adapted into various scales.  Parker focuses on solving the world’s greatest engineered components and systems that range from healthcare to aviation.


Taking inspiration from modern architecture, the form made up of monolithic slabs demonstrates a strong presence, exhibiting Parker Hanneffin as a leader in engineering. The bold canopy illuminates a central corridor, highlighting Parker’s core products. The central element is surrounded by strategic areas of attract that highlight key innovative products, as well as an immersive tech bar.


In collaboration with Sparks Design Team

2013. Detroit, MI


The Stac Cafe


Sharing the Story of American Food
American food has a reputation of being fast and processed. The Stac Cafe concept aims to provoke the conversation regarding American food. Highlighting America’s urban agricultural system, the mobile cafe transforms and adapts to the environment it is situated in throughout the city of Milan.

Designed to take place during the 2015 World Expo in Milan, Italy. The worlds fair theme explores, “Feeding the planet, Energy for life.”


Inspired by the food truck, relating to America’s adaptive “to go” culture, The Stac Cafe transforms and adapts through out the city of Milan.


Geometric geometric tiles clad an American barn inspired wooden frame. Natural materials create contrast amongst the urban landscape.


In Utilizing hydroponic technologies found in American urban agriculture, engaged customers can gather their own meal.


Domus Academy collaborative project.

Alina Neiienburg, Naoathara Patumlaugkar, Sirikil Kantiyaporn, Kristina Prybula

Mentor. Patricia Urquiola  I  Project Leader. Andrea Steidl

Project Advisor. Fancesca Vagari  I  Tutor. Eleni Pefani

2014. Milan, IT